Trees of Montreal - Description

This map shows public trees on the territory covered by the city of Montreal. The tree inventory is performed by municipal employees and the data is made available by the city on their open data portal. Burroughs missing from the map may not be performing georeferenced inventories of their public trees.

The development of this tool was initiated by Guillaume Larocque (QCBS), Christian Gendreau (Canadensys), David Shorthouse (Canadensys), Marc-André Goderre (Centre de la géomatique du Québec) and Yoann Perrot (Centre de la géomatique du Québec) in the context of the Open data day in Montreal in 2013.

The tool is currently being developed by Guillaume Larocque, research professional at the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS). For questions or comments, please contact Guillaume (

Also check out the mobile application Branché, created by the Société de verdissement de Montréal (Soverdi).